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It was 1955 when Erika De Wan opened in Turin the first boutique of the brand, immediately distinguishing herself for style and elegance. For three generations, De Wan signs fashion accessories and objects of the highest quality, the result of exclusive design, selected materials and accurate craftsmanship. All strictly Made in Italy.

Even the bags stand out for the high quality of the materials and the unique style. Each creation is designed choosing only the best leathers and taking care of every detail. Neutral colors or bright colors: all De Wan bags can be combined with coordinated accessories. Some, such as the purse and the minibag with detachable shoulder strap, are already included for free in many day models. You can buy De Wan bags online on this site or come and visit us in one of our boutiques in Turin, Milan and Monte Carlo

De Wan bags and accessories: Italian Quality

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Send us an email to info@borsedewan.it or call us or send us a message to the number +39 3202322870.

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